Hot News 2/16/17

Ever since Lenovo bought IBM’s commodity x86 server market, the company has bucked the server trend in several ways. Where other server manufacturers saw a stagnant or declining market, Lenovo came out fighting, showing other manufacturers how to do it with good hardware and super keen prices.

Not resting on its laurels, Lenovo has just announced a new range of servers to expand its SMB reach.

The previous ThinkServer range provided good value for the money and a robust offering for the cost-conscious buyer. Lenovo is now branching out into rack mount value servers with the RD350 and 450 1U and 2U servers. This is a new step for Lenovo and shows its continued expansion into the SMB market — no longer just tower servers, but rack-mounted servers, too.

What stands out about these servers is their value price point. They can go toe to toe with HP and Dell on every front and at a good price point. Unlike some of their competition, these servers can accommodate up to 24 cores in total when using both (from 2 sockets) and up to 512 GB RAM in a small 1U or 2U (450) format. It can use both 2.5- and 3.5-inch drives, allowing for plenty of different storage configurations.

Historically, HP and Dell have limited the DIMM sockets in a unit to force the purchase of higher specification units. With this huge development, Lenovo just ate HP’s lunch.

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