Bar None Technologies Asset BuyBack Program

Looking to sell used Data Center Equipment, Computing Devices, Telephony or Peripherals?

We buy used networking switches, routers, servers, storage arrays, enclosures, tape drives, hard drives, CPUs, memory and more. Our company has an established track record for helping organizations with the process of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) to capture more return on investment from IT assets. Plus, we make the process easy!

Throughout your enterprise’s facilities likely sits a number of idle IT assets. Whether decommissioned or overbought, these assets are unproductive and may also create potential liability issues and increase overhead expenses. From storerooms and data closets to boxes in basements, if identified and recovered, these idle IT assets could be gathering cash instead of dust. We will help you dispose of your old technology assets to make room for new equipment and increase your buying power.

Bar None Technologies will work in the background to help you easily sell off old equipment to free up your budget and make room for new IT investments. The opportunity to cost-effectively upgrade to newer technology will help your company grow, while you generate additional money in your IT budget on the equipment removal.

We buy used servers, networking equipment, and storage from many brands including Cisco, Dell, HPE, IBM, SuperMicro, EMC, NetApp, Arista Networks, Lenovo, Juniper and others. Whether the package is a few surplus or used servers, or an entire data center, Bar None Technologies will make the process of selling your decommissioned servers or used networking equipment a breeze!

Simply contact us if you are interested in selling your used electronics for cash today. We offer free estimates as well as a complimentary online asset evaluation. If you are unsure of how to provide an inventory list just call, we will always take the time to walk you through the necessary steps over the telephone.

To take advantage of this program contact our sales representatives.

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