Smarter server storage and backup

How long does it take your enterprise to process a terabyte of data? With traditional storage and backup resources stretching to their limits, it’s time to reevaluate.

We’ll walk you through the latest in storage technology. Tap into our Advanced Technology Center to test flash, virtual and object-based storage and next-generation backup and recovery. Together, we’ll create a strategy that helps you:

  • Establish and maintain consistent visibility and service levels across diverse storage environments
  • Align business-driven tiering requirements within overall storage architectures
  • Implement data protection architectures that account for virtualized and non-virtualized environments

Our Advanced Technology Center is a proving ground where you can test the latest storage and data protection technologies. From flash bake-offs to object-based storage proofs of concept that use petabytes worth of data, we slash evaluation time from months to weeks.

Make investments about storage with confidence and understand how to apply and administer the latest technologies.

The Ultimate Server

Bar None Technologies is proud to carry the elite HPE server line, which provides the best performance for your server needs. Check out this elite line of technology here.